My passion for photographing weddings stems from love of diversity, beauty and complexity of human relationships. I am captivated by all kinds of stories – stories of love, those of loss; stories of adversity, character and the resilience of the human spirit. Inspired daily by bursts of genuine and suspended moments and infinitely fascinated by the qualities of natural and dramatic light, my approach is primarily one of quiet and unobtrusive observation.  I strive to bring to life aspects that are authentic to each individual story; nuances that often go unnoticed and quiet gestures that speak beyond the obvious. Most importantly I try to convey honest moments filled with meaning and sentimental value.

When it comes to couples I meet, what’s of utmost importance to me is to build relationships which are based on integrity, genuine disposition and freedom to be oneself without limitation or pretense. I love and admire vulnerability in people, which I find to be the best foundation for meaningful connections, conversations and trust – and that all in turn enables me to create not just the expected images, but also something that is artistic, organic and comes from an honest place. I believe that honest imagery has an indispensable power to bring back the memory of how a moment felt – because when all is said and done, feeling and human connection are the only truths that transcends time and space.

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Value family, friendship and honest relationships and you appreciate artistic expression beyond the need for just another wedding vendor. You are dynamic, curious, resilient; you have insecurities and fears and you have hopes and dreams. You are not perfect but you are always learning and evolving. You are kind and generous. You appreciate individuality; you are drawn to photographic style and perspective that embodies traces of simple timelessness and captures mood and feeling as opposed to trends that come and go. You are not afraid to laugh at yourself or to embrace any imperfections that may arise during the day – wind in your hair or some dirt on your shoes. You are multifaceted and self-aware and you want to have your personal story documented in a way that is reflective of the real you, in all of your forms. Whether you are having an intimate get together in your backyard or a larger gathering, whether you are introverted or extroverted, soft spoken and shy or gregarious and bold, whether you consider yourself to be a simple or complex being or whether you love or detest having your photos taken – I welcome the beauty and diversity of it all. I am excited that you have found your way here…If my images, approach and personal values resonate with you in any way we are likely a fantastic fit and it would be wonderful to explore together.



Most people think of family photography as an image of everyone in their best dress, sitting neatly and smiling into the camera. We also typically associate the need for family photography with key life stages or milestones, something to commemorate a specific moment in time. However life is what happens between big milestones, and life is not prim and proper and we are not always smiling or dressed our best. Although these types of images have their value, my aim with family photography is to try to see beyond the surface, to reflect families and children beyond the obvious. There is infinite beauty and wonder in the way families interact; in the way that kids experience childhood and how they relate to the various elements around them. I believe truth resides in documenting moments beyond the forced smiles; instead reflecting the mischief, curiosity, excitement, and laughter as well as tears, sadness or frustration…because there are hundreds of faces, expressions and emotions our children wear each day and there are so many layers to what makes each family unique. I strive to recognize and portray as many organic moments as possible and to display the beauty of the big as well as the seemingly insignificant – the beauty and the imperfections of the everyday.